Between How the World is and How it Should Be: Aphorism, Paradox, Critique and Praxis in Theodor Adorno’s Minima Moralia


Palabras clave:

Theodor W. Adorno, Minima moralia, aphorism, critique, praxis, paradox, fidelity, irrationalism


The reflections of the aphorisms of Minima Moralia may often seem opaque or obscure, appearing to take indirect routes in their investigations. The objective of this article is to outline an interpretation of this way of proceeding by high¬lighting how it is entangled with particular critical intentions. By means of an in-depth analysis of aphorism 110, “Constanze”, we shall seek to indicate how it strives to explore particular textual elaborations and effects in order to consti¬tute an immersive reading experience, which not only theoretically grasps, but also practically overcomes the prevailing badness of everyday life, constituting a praxis that the reader can incarnate through the reading itself. Such reading experience, we argue, relies on textual immersive effects to realize the critical potentiality of the paradox as a mediating force between how the world is and how it should be.


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